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Handling Probate Issues Can Be Difficult.

Whether you are a newly appointed personal representative, executor/executrix, or an attorney, we are here for you.

Do You Need to Dispose Of The Property As Soon As Possible?

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What If You Are The Attorney?

We have focused our efforts on working in this unique area of Real Estate, and would love to work with you.

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Please be advised that the role of an executor or personal representative can be a challenging one, with important decisions to be made. As an experienced Real Estate Professional, we understand the complexities of these decisions, particularly as they relate to real estate matters. We are committed to keeping you well-informed and guiding you through difficult conversations with family members and other heirs.

If you have not yet secured the services of a competent probate attorney, we can assist you in choosing one whose good work we know and trust.

Rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way, doing everything possible to help you navigate any obstacles that may arise. While you may still face some difficult choices, having us as an advisor by your side can provide invaluable support and guidance.

Thank you for entrusting us with this important responsibility.



Do you need to dispose of the property as quickly as possible?

We pride ourselves on our ability to help you achieve your most critical objectives when it comes to real estate matters in probate. Our first step is to work with you to determine exactly what those objectives are.

If your primary objective is to sell the property quickly for cash, we can provide immediate access to our list of qualified investors who are ready to make offers within 24 hours on almost any property. Our investors can often close deals quickly and in some cases, funds can even be advanced prior to closing. This is particularly important for surviving spouses who need to move into a more suitable location, handle medical or other bills, or simply get asset funds into the hands of heirs quickly.

Please keep in mind that timelines are frequently subject to court and filing requirements that are beyond our control. However, we make every effort to minimize delays whenever possible.



Do you need to maximize the selling price to provide the greatest cash benefit to the heirs/stakeholders?

Maximizing revenue is often a top priority when it comes to selling property in probate. To achieve this goal, we take a strategic approach to listing and marketing the property.

We begin by ensuring that the property is listed properly and marketed aggressively and intelligently to ensure maximum exposure. We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s value, so you can make informed decisions about waiting for the right buyer. Additionally, we will help you determine any possible repairs that could add more to the final selling price than their cost. This will ensure that you get the greatest bang for your buck and avoid spending too much on repairs that do not even cover their cost in the final sale price.

What If You Are The Attorney?

As a Real Estate Professional, we work particularly well with attorneys who are involved in probate cases. We understand that the attorney of record in probate cases typically has one of two roles. They may be appointed to the task by the court, in which case their role is usually focused strictly on the legal issues regarding any transactions and dispersal of assets. Alternatively, they may be retained by the family or the executor/personal representative, in which case their role may extend to include a more advisory capacity as well.

Regardless of your role in the probate case, we will keep you well-informed about any aspect of the real estate process in which we are involved, particularly when it comes to fielding offers on the property. In cases where the family or executor/personal advisor wants all aspects of the probate to be handled completely by the attorney, we will work with you as “the client” regarding the real estate, just as we would with the executor/personal advisor.

We have focused our efforts on working in this unique area of Real Estate because we feel it allows us to provide a much-needed service to people in times of great stress. We are committed to differentiating our level of expertise from others who are not as focused in this niche. We have taken the time and made the investment to properly prepare to assist you.

If you have any general questions about probate, please review our list of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. We are ready to start working with you today and ease any unnecessary burdens quickly.

Thank you for considering us for your probate real estate needs.


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